About Us

Our Company

Operating across the length and breadth of the UK, CAT Solutions delivers high quality apprenticeships, vocational qualifications, bespoke courses including Functional Skills (Maths, English and ICT) qualifications.

Since 2012, we have worked in partnership with large construction companies to deliver innovative Learning and Development courses and qualifications, specifically designed to minimise disruption to business operations, raise performance and drive better results.

Our team of occupationally competent tutors and assessors each have over 15 years’ experience of delivering training in the given sector. We therefore have the occupational experience, skills and knowledge to engage and motivate learners and tailor all teaching learning and assessment to meet the specific needs/culture of the sector.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

CAT Solutions is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and respect for all. This is reflected in our core values and built into all policies, business processes and teaching, learning and assessment.

Our recruitment, induction and businesses development processes ensure all staff, learners and employers are aware of our equality, diversity and inclusion policy, understand the issues, why they are important and how it affects them.

We undertake detailed analysis of our outcomes data by different groups of learners to check there are no significant variations across groups and we monitor equality/diversity data to inform future planning.

CAT Solutions’ Equality, Diversity & Inclusion policy is available upon request.

Safeguarding and Prevent Duty

Keeping our staff, learners and apprentices safe (from harm, abuse & radicalisation) is fundamental to our provision & an intrinsic part of our culture.

The promotion of safeguarding has been led by our Senior Management Team and embedded within our policies and procedures (e.g. recruitment, training, IT), curriculum & core values known as BEST (British, Excellence, Safe, Teamwork).

These are communicated to our employers, staff, learners and apprentices staff so all know the risks, their responsibilities, how to keep themselves/others safe and report issues.

CAT Solutions’ Safeguarding and Prevent policy is available upon request.